Case Study: Computerized Health Information

Case Study: In order to improve patient safety and efficiency, XYZ Hospital recently implemented a clinical provider
order entry (CPOE) system. One of the functions of the CPOE system is to notify physicians of any problems at the
time that an order is entered. Days after the CPOE system was implemented, Dr. Smith ordered medication X for a
patient named Mary Johnson. Immediately, the CPOE came back with a message stating that medication X was
contraindicated (not recommended) for patients on medication Y and that Mary was taking medication Y. Dr. Smith
realized that he had almost ordered a medication that could have significantly harmed Mary. He was able to delete
the order of medication X and order medication Z instead. Mary received her medication in a timely manner and was
discharged from the hospital in two days. 20 points.

Question 1: How is data quality related to this case? Before responding, read Chapter 2: Information Integrity and
Data Quality. In addition, read the Quality section in Chapter 8, Administrative Information Systems, to get a better
understanding of the CPOE. Address data from both chapters, including the CPOE, Patient Medication, and
physician’s responsibility in the CPOE.

Question 2: What impact does entering an incorrect medication have? Be sure to address poor data quality and
patient medication in your response.

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