Case Study: Samsung Electronics: Success by Design


For success in any business undertaking, it is necessary to grasp and understand the industry’s general economic characteristics by analyzing the competitive dynamics of the industry. Strategy experts use Porter’s model/framework of ‘The five competitive forces that shape strategy’.


You are required to refer to the case study SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS: SUCCESS BY DESIGN

1. Assuming that you are strategy specialist, you are required to analyze and critically discuss how each of the five forces that shape industry competition impacted Samsung Electronics. (1000 words)

2. Suggest and discuss four strategies that Samsung Electronics could adopt to create sustainable competitive advantage in the global markets. (500 words)

*** Avoid writing in first person tense. E.g. “I suggest that …” or “In this …..I am going to discuss…”etc.

*** Words count = 1500 words.

*** In-Text citation and references using Harvard style (Minimum 5 references), MUST include E-library and course materials.

*** Two attachments has been uploaded named: “SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS: SUCCESS BY DESIGN” and “Block-3_Readings”

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