Classroom engagement

For this assignment, use the same grade level you selected in Topic 2 and the “Class Profile.”

Create a classroom webpage or blog that could be shared at the beginning of the school year with parents/guardians and students.

Be creative, and include the following:

An introduction of yourself:

  • Provide brief background information about your professional life, including your professional qualifications.
  • Provide a brief overview of your teaching philosophy.

An explanation of your classroom engagement and management plan with examples of:

  • Classroom behavioral expectations for students, including digital citizenship.
  • Content that students will be learning.
  • Additional practices and policies that parents/guardians and students would want to know regarding late work, tardiness, extra credit options, grade checks, concerns with academics, expectations for homework each night, office hours, extra help time, etc.
  • Rules and consequences.
  • Reward system.
  • How students will be graded.
  • How and when you plan to communicate with parents/guardians regularly.
  • How and when parents/guardians may access you.

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