CNL 515 Grand Canyon University Terminating a Counseling Relationship Discussion


Topic 8 DQ 2 (Obj. 8.1 and 8.2) CNL-515 DQ 2 DISCUSSIONS

In a 250-500-word response, hypothetically terminate the counseling relationship with a client with whom you have worked for the past 8 months. Address any considerations for the termination process if the client has experienced trauma and/or abuse in the past or any other special circumstances which may be important for this process. Describe characteristics of successful termination of the client relationship. Discuss strategies for helping the client to maintain change post-termination. Include at least one scholarly reference in your response.


Egan, G. & Reese, R. (2019). The skilled helper: A problem management and opportunity development approach to helping (11th ed.). Brooks Cole Publisher. ISBN-13: 9781305865716

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