Compare and contrast the life and history of Karl Marx and Max Weber, major work and key concepts? 1 answer below »

1. Develop a thesis for your paper – a theory that attempts to explain how and why the two theorists are alike and how they differ.

2. Write a short introduction (1/2 to 1 page) in which you address the following points:

a. What is a theory and how should these be evaluated?

b. What theorists did you choose for your Final Paper and why?

c. What is the thesis of your paper?

3. Draw on the assigned readings from the course, and on the background sources researched in Step#1 of this assignment to write a first draft (about 10 pages). Summarize the readings in support to your thesis. Use the data in your worksheet.

a. Describe each theorist and his or her key works.

b. What is the socio-historical context and “school” for each? What is the level (micro, meso, macro, or global)? What was the framework or perspective?

c. What key problems or issues do the two theorists address?

d. How are the theorists alike and how are they different?

e. What is your thesis or explanation for the similarities and differences?


The Final Paper should be approximately 8-10 pages in length, including the Reference page. The paper should have a minimum of four distinct sections: Introduction and Thesis Body of the Paper Theorists Contexts Problem or Issue Comparisons Evaluation Criteria and Evaluation Conclusions References </pclass="default">

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