Complete DQ / 2 responses

1. Watch the following sections of “Strategic Planning Foundations” from LinkedIn Learning:

  • “Determining How You’ll Compete”
  • “Evaluating and Prioritizing Opportunities”
  • “Assessing Your Initiative Portfolio”

Note: Use the link at the beginning of this week to access LinkedIn Learning.

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following question:

  • How will you use the information you learned in the LinkedIn Learning course as a health care manager? Provide an example.

Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions. 125 words each response.

1.From the information learned in the Linkedin Learning course, one major take-away is the importance of a strategic plan even at a departmental level. An individual in a leadership role, such as a health care manager, has the responsibility of helping to drive the direction of his or her team in line with overall organizational goals. The Linkedin Learning course identifies strategic planning as a way to bring focus and direction to goals, such as achieving status of an industry leader. For example, as a health care manager of a physician practice, ensuring immediate team members are in alignment with consistent best practices such as communication and following appropriate protocol will help establish high standards and accountability. Both of which contribute to becoming a reputable practice and industry leader. Therefore, I would utilize the information learned in the video to develop a strategic plan, at the departmental level, to establish a set of standards and give the team drive and direction.


2.As I watched this week’s videos, I kept this question in mind and the same thought kept popping up – as a manager I need to be able to identify my team’s strengths and weaknesses and use those to the department’s best interests. For example, in the segment of ‘Determining How You’ll Compete’ he mentioned that a company should narrow down to their top two strengths and focus on that area while completely avoided the weaknesses.

As a health care manager, it would make sense that I would need to delegate work based on the proficiency of my team members. This would impact what projects my department could take, because I would be able to gage my team’s ability to complete projects and who would be responsible for which portions of work in order to meet deadlines. By understanding my whole team’s weaknesses then I would know what strengths to look for in new hires to balance out the department.

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