Complete Public Speaking Assignment

THERE ARE TWO PART AND YOU WILK JUST BE WRITING THE CRITQUE FOR PART 1 for both students so I can recite it on video.

Week 4 Assignment

Peer Critique Speech

Peer evaluations have proven to be one of the most beneficial and impactful methods of improving one’s public speaking. It is also one of the hardest things to do, as a peer evaluation walks a thin line between constructive criticism and harsh opinion. Nevertheless, it’s a mainstay for a Public Speaking course, and you might be surprised at how helpful the advice of your classmates can be.

This week there are two parts to your assignment. Please submit both by the due date for full credit.

Part 1:

For this assignment, you are to evaluate the Week 3 Recitation Speeches of two different classmates, and also provide a critical analysis of your own recitation speech presentation. Then submit this in video form in the week 4 submission area (set up as a discussion). To find these speeches, please return to the week three discussion to select your classmates’ speeches for your review. Once you have completed your reviews (note the directions below), please post them to this forum.

Part 2:

Then, in the discussion message area, in 75 words or more, write the names of the two classmates you decided to critique and the names of the speeches they gave. Then share your own critique of your speech (briefly, save most of this for the speech itself) and what you’ll be working on for next week’s sales pitch speech.

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