Concordia University Recruitment and Retention Discussion


Choose the organization you work for or one you are familiar with to answer the following questions.  Do you believe this organization has a focus on employee turnover and retention management?  If so, what do they do?  If not, what do you recommend?


I decided to reflect on my past employer as I had been employed 14 years there and feel I was there long enough to answer this question fairly regarding that company. I do not feel the organization had a focus on employee turnover and retention management. I felt it stemmed from many sources. I believe the most damaging started from the top and spiraled throughout the company. First was upper management: they were top heavy, hands in the pocket and regime that was personally handpicked and remained for two decades. Middle management had no appropriate guidance or became puppets. The lower management had high turn overs which was truly sad as they had some great insights and potentials, but the glass ceilings were too strong to break through. It led to poor management all the way through which effected the staff who felt like a whirl wind with no true direction, no collaborating, no communication. Human Resource Department was appalling. In fact, I never heard an employee have anything good to say about them at all. They were quiet, discreet and never welcoming when it came to issues that arose. The culture and diversity were poor as well. All of this led to high turn overs for years. It did come to a head as the organization went into the red. Leading to annual increases, low increases, perks taken away. Upper management started retiring and leaving fast. Again, this left the company unsteady as new candidates without the correct qualifications were being hired and more spiraling started to occur. It took this organization a few years to find someone to merge with them to save them. Organizations looked and when they looked deeper, they backed out. Finally, one organization was willing but on their terms. Originally my company wanted 60 % stake, but the result was 40%. Had the monopoly of the upper management been broken sooner I believe the company would have been a better organization. I truly believe leaders of organizations set the tones and if they don?t have an open ear, diligent eyes, and wholesome hearts they will not care about the integrity of their company or employees to even focus on employee retention.


The organization I am choosing is a Mailing Manufacturer I had the opportunity to work for.  This was my first time doing this type of work but tried it after finding they were badly in need of help.  When I arrived at the warehouse, I met the HR Director who began the process of introducing me to the company. He explained what they do, the importance of excellence and the reward systems they had in place.

All applicants were than informed that we would be trained on each machine and we began the process of completing the onboarding paperwork. 

Immediately afterwards we were taken to the warehouse floor to start our first workday.    After a brief introduction the Supervisor pointed me towards a machine I had never seen before and nodded her head for me to start working.  I assumed this meant to work the machine.  It was racing and the lady working it nodded her head and pointed to the mail.  I assumed my job was to put it in the machine.  After trying it a few times I figured it out and got through the first hour.  By the end of the day I couldn?t feel my shoulders and I had papercuts everywhere.

I worked there 3 months.  When I told them I was leaving the Supervisor was shocked.  This was interesting seeing I had several concerns while working and mentioned them to those that were in charge.  Additionally, the HR Director completely disappeared, and no one seemed concerned.

This corporation unfortunately had no concern for turnover or retention!

?Effectively managing retention takes an extensive analysis, a thorough understanding of the many strategies and practices available, and the ability to put retention plans into action and learn from their outcomes? (Allen, 2008). It was clear that these systems were not in place and they had very little concern about them when I left.  I would recommend proper training to ensure the employees have an opportunity to effectively do their jobs and for those that desire to leave have and exit interview to see what their concerns are and work towards retaining them opposed to finding new employees.

Allen, D. G. (2008). Retaining Talent, A Guide to Analyzing and Managing Employee Turnover. SHRM Foundation.

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