Conduct a literature review for your creative project.

Health and Wellness

APA Formatting

Graduate level writing

8-10 pages in length

16 -18 Quality original peer reviewed sources and references

In this activity you will conduct a literature review for your creative project. Please keep in mind that you want to include only primary sources of research literature to support your train of thought – articles in which the author is reporting about a study he/she conducted relating to your creative project idea.

The literature review focuses on how the creative project experience fits into the discipline. Specifically, it introduces the project and places it in a larger context that includes a discussion of how this experience allows you to meet the program objectives. It provides the current state of accumulated knowledge as it relates to the project.

Elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive manner which include:

– Fully describes literature relating to your creative project idea.

– Paper articulates the objectives you hope to achieve through the completion of this project.

– Paper includes evaluation of research related to chosen topic.

The topic for creative project:

Design a program to assess and improve physical fitness and nutrition for residents in an assisted living facility in the North Eastern part of Ohio, USA. Assume all are able to walk (with or without assistive devices). This should include a step-by-step plan that could be given to the director of the facility for implementation with the goal of improving balance, strength and endurance in residents and helping them to remain independent and capable of self-care and activities of daily living. Students should identify a facility in their area and use as much of their data (i.e. number of residents, mean age, facilities, budget, etc.) as possible. The physical fitness and nutrition plans should be written in detail for each day for a minimum of one week.

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