Construct 3 PPT slides and the text of speech

Dr Venus, Hello again~ here is the description of the requirement 🙂

In this course, you will learn about the effects of information technology on innovations in business models, products, and services. Often, these innovations tend to disrupt existing industries. At other times, these innovations tend to provide incumbents with opportunities for sustaining their competitive leadership. The goal of this assignment is for you to work in teams and analyze the effects of specific information technologies in fostering innovations in business models, products or services in specific industries.

A list of the topics that might be appropriate candidates for your analysis is identified below. These topics identify a specific technology or industry and usually provide names of firms that are experimenting with innovations in business models, products or services. As a first step, each team should select one of those topics and a specific firm wherever applicable. In addition, though this list is meant to provide ideas about candidates for the assignment, students are also encouraged to approach the instructor with any other topics or firms that they wish to analyze. The initial list of topics is as follows:

  • Mobile micropayments (e.g., Due, WePay, GoCardless, Openbucks, SnapCard, SplitIt)
  • Social gaming (e.g., RocksPRO, GAMEE, Scopely)
  • Cloud computing for consumer services (2nd Watch, 2Morrow, 8Stem, AbSci)
  • Geo-tagging or geo-location enabled applications (Zomato, Yelp, FourSquare)
  • Internet television (Roku, Kaltura, Nuvyo)
  • Ads for mobile internet access on smartphones (Appodeal, Adtile)
  • Time-based flash sales (Peach, TopHatter, NoMoreRack)
  • Social buying (Extole, 8thBridge, Chirpify, LocalResponse)
  • Ride-sharing services (SPLT, Via)
  • Education and distance learning (Rafter, Piazza, Inside Track, USEED, Course Hero, Quizlet, Udacity)

The first stage of completion of topic selection and instructor approval must be completed by March 9. You should communicate your choice of a specific firm and the associated industry to your instructor via email. In order to ensure that your choice of a topic does not compete with another team’s selection of the same topic, the assignment will be in the order of request to the instructor via email. Each team should send a list of three selections to ensure that the instructor can assign them one of those three, even if some of those topics have already been assigned to other teams.

The analysis should focus on the following questions.

  1. What value proposition is being created by the firm? In particular, what is the nature of the innovation in the product, service, or offering? How is this value proposition unique, innovative, or disruptive? (25 points) – 3 slides
  2. How are information technologies being used to create this value proposition? (25 points)? – 3 slides
  3. How is the firm likely to generate revenue through this innovation? What is the basis of its profitability? What might obstruct this revenue stream from being realized? (25 points) – 3 slides
  4. What is the likelihood that this innovation is sustainable? Will it have a disruptive effect on the industry? If so, how will the disruption occur? (25 points) – 3 slides

You can collect insights on the above questions primarily through research on the web and the print media. Once you analysis is completed, you will develop a Powerpoint presentation for in-class presentation. The presentations will be rapid fire using the Ignite model (visit (Links to an external site.). Their motto is “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” Our operating model will be to assign each team a total time of five minutes, with 12 slides that auto-advance every 25 seconds. In addition, students will submit a copy of their slides to the instructor for grading.

What I need you to do for me:

I only need to answer the 4th question, using the 3 PPT slides with some speech text for me to present, following the 25sec per slide requirement. Because we need to record the presentation with the voice over.

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