?Contact three different types of recruitment professional

Contact three different types of recruitment professionals. You can contact them via phone or email because you will be conducting an interview with them in regards to how they recruit and what is important to them etc. When you contact them let them know this is for a class assignment and you may need to schedule time on their calendar instead of getting them randomly with the first phone call. Below is what you will want to find out.

  • Determine and state who the recruiter is, what type of recruiter they are (healthcare, IT, executive search etc.). You have learned in class there are many kinds of recruiters specific to different industries and fields and you need to select three recruitment professionals that represent three different types of search by industry OR specialty OR position type (temp, contract, etc)
  • Develop questions that allow you to understand what is most important to them in regards to how they hire, who they hire and the companies with whom they work.
  • Ask the recruiter how they are measured on their success and how they know they are successful for their client/company.
  • Ask the recruiter why they chose this particular career profession and do they recommend it?
  • Ask the recruiter if they had a piece of advice to give to recent college graduates who are seeking recruitment as a profession, what would they say. (Encourage them to be as honest as they wish to be.)

Conclude this interview with a written narrative of your takeaway and thoughts about the conversations you have had and if those conversations have made an impact on your view of a career in recruitment.

I would like you to tape these interactions if you can and transcribe the interview so I can see it in question and answer format. Please see the attached link to understand further how to do this. https://www.rev.com/blog/how-to-transcribe-an-interview

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