Course Project Part 5: Program-Related Social Change Activities

Write a 2- to 3-page proposal for a Walden Global Days of Service project related to the goals and needs of the program you selected for your Course Project. In your proposal, be sure to explain:

  • The specific activities you would do to influence social change in your selected program and its community. Be sure to align your activities with Walden’s mission and vision for social change, and explain how they work to support the goals and needs of the program.
  • Which of the eight features of social change described by Callahan et al. (2012) are most prominent in your proposed project. Be sure to explain why those features are more prominent than others.
  • The steps you would need to take in your educational setting or community to implement your activity.
  • How your activities would demonstrate insights with regard to educational, community, and social change you have gained as a result of the Learning Resources and learning experiences in this course.
  • How, as a Walden graduate, you will continue to be an agent of social change in the future.

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