COVID-19 reearch

Go on the New York Times or Washington Post website

2.Find an article citing a research study related to an aspect of COVID-19. Add the article to your reference list.

3.Do some online research to find the original research being cited in the news article you chose. Who collected those data? How did they draw their sample of participants—and which kind of sampling is this? What is noteworthy to you about how they conducted their study, and what did they conclude?

4. Find another article on a related aspect of COVID-19 that focuses on a different research study or the opinions of a different set of experts. How is this second perspective on the issue different from the first AND which is more convincing, based on your assessment of the quality of the research design and the evidence it produced? Use the attached file to to make your case.

Reference page and in text citations must be in APA style. Atleast 300 words, no more than 500. Reference page does not count towards word limit.

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