Doritos brand: 

Creative Brief 

  • Objective – what do you want to accomplish?
  • Target – who are we talking to?
  • Current position – what do they think now?
  • Reinforce current position or reposition?  What do we want them to think?
  • Benefits/features – why should they think this?
  • The One Thing – what is our message?

team workshops

March 10

Advertising Creativity
ADV 3101

Photographer? April 8, 9, 10


Emily PDQ

Erin Peacock

Derek Tampa Bay Rays

Yasmine Hershey’s

Maria Cold Stone

Dr. Kathy Fitzpatrick, Director, Zimmerman School of Adv and Mass Com



Consider your team

Consider a designated role

for each member

Will take lead

on specific responsibilities

Whole team participates

Thursday 10 March – hear your role decisions


Integrated brand campaign elements.



Big idea

Campaign executions

A presentation

A campaign book

Designated role responsibilities.
Everyone participates in everything!

Account Leader


Creative Director*

*Copywriter/Art Director

Promotions/Guerilla Marketing Director

Acct Leader email me team members.


Designated role responsibilities.
Everyone participates in everything!

SWOT Acct Leader/Planner

Strategy Planner/Acct Leader

Big idea Creative Dir/Planner

Executions Creative team

Promotions/Guerilla Promotions Dir

Presentation Acct Leader/Team

Campaign book Acct Leader/Creative Dir

10 March Brand choices – class

Team roles

24 March SWOT, brief, early work – class

5 April Creative work – class

Prelim presentations – class

7 April Presentations – class

Campaign Books

12/14 April Team presentations

21 April Peer evaluations

Advertising Creativity
ADV 3101

Next class:
Social media
ch 12

22 March

Advertising Creativity
ADV 3101

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