Curriculum Development: Content Specific Questions

Answer each question with APA references

1- In preparation for the discussion, review the Module 1 reading, Early Childhood Designs for Multiliteracies Learning, by Sandra Hesterman.

  • In your initial response, critically analyze the case studies, and decide with which one you most identify and with which one you least identify.
  • Provide a rationale for your selections by citing details to compare the case studies with your experience.
  • provide at least 1 reference

2-In your initial response, describe a digital tool, game, or app used to teach mathematics in an early childhood classroom.

  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of the tool.
  • Provide examples of state/national standards and strategies the tool, game, or app supports.
  • provide at least 1 reference

3- In your initial response, choose one of the activities described in the course readings or in an outside source for promoting science and sensory development in early childhood learners.

  • Summarize the goals, materials, and activities.
  • Suggest modifications to meet the learning needs of students who are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse.
  • Use a minimum of three references to support your recommendations.

4 – At times, both teachers and parents may have questions about the social-emotional development of young children. Can a child be spoiled? What should be done about biting? How should they respond to temper tantrums? Use course materials and your own research to find out more about these early childhood concerns.

  • How can developmentally appropriate curriculum be designed to include these areas?
  • What content-specific curriculum might be beneficial?
  • What at-home instructional strategies can teachers suggest to assist parents?
  • Cite a minimum of three references in APA (6th edition) format to support your answers.

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