Customer Relationship Management Discussion

Assume you just started as a new marketing manager for Offices “R” Us (ORS). You are responsible for lead generation, nurturing, and conversions using online campaigns and other digital strategies; however, you are also to collaborate with the sales team who must follow-up on qualified leads and close each deal. Your performance is measured by how much revenues you can generate from each campaign by working with sales. Your company has decided to use marketing automation tools to be more effective in marketing its services and securing new clients.

Based on the information from Discussion #4 and the customer groups you identified as crucial to ORS’ ABCD vision and overall growth, address the situation below and provide your recommendations.

You just completed your basic Salesforce and HubSpot training. Your ORS manager has asked you to submit a written plan (approx. 500 words) that explains how you will utilize technology to achieve the company’s marketing goals and the the areas of improvement highlighted in Discussion #4 that relate to marketing. Using the information you have learned from Modules 9 and 10 about sales and marketing functions and the CRM software training completed to date, explain the process (step-by-step) and technology you would use to identify new leads, promote to them, qualify them and convert them into clients. Remember that you can’t market unless you know your target audience. Your plan must also include where you will find this audience and how you plan to reach them. Don’t forget that you are suppose to work with the sales group.

Be sure to describe the process/steps you would take, the specific technology features (refer to Trailhead modules and HubSpot) you would use, and how these could be used to help you be more effective in your efforts. Your boss has indicated that it’s all about the ROI. If you’re going to spend money on campaigns, they must generate results in terms of sales. You want to be the best marketing manager ORS has ever had!

NOTE: Use the other resources available to you! Dig deep into the materials within Trailhead and HubSpot. There’s lots of great stuff you can learn from and use.

I need to see at least five (5) clear connections to the module materials and the technology you are learning about. You need to indicate where the connections came from and what they are.

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