Design and implementation of a SIEM

Design and implement a SIEM system in a simulated company. For this you must perform, as a minimum, the following:

1. Create the network maps of the company.

2. Identify the devices to monitor.

3. Explain the events and logs to be collected.

4. Create the correlation rules.

5. Select and argue the technology to deploy.

6. Implement the SIEM system.

7. Design and implement the dashboard.

8. Design and implement the log collection system.

9. Design and implementation of the alarm and ticketing system.

10. Design and implementation of reporting.

Attached is the learning course to give an overall perspective of what was taught in the module about SIEM. There the SIEM tools are also described.

Good quality screenshots with description are a must.

Requirement to the technologies used:

– it’s up to you to select the SIEM tool for this task as well as any good log collection system.

– quick glance on SIEM:…

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