Develop a safety-training workshop

     Project #2


Develop a safety-training workshop for the organization where you are employed OR school or made up facility. Provide the rationale for the safety plan. Describe the objectives of the safety workshop, the targeted audience, and the duration of the workshop. Prepare PowerPoint slides for use when “selling” the safety workshop to your administration. The plan must show an understanding of the occupational safety and health practices.

(Hint: This presentation will be from the point of view of a salesperson trying to get an organization to use his safety workshop in their organization.)

** message from teacher regarding this project:

There is NOT a required amount of slides–just what you think covers your information! The same goes for the paper-there is NOT a word count, paragraph count, etc. points = 50 for powerpoint, 25 for the rational and 25 for the plan and target audience.





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