Deviant Behaviors, law homework help

Please remember each answer to the following questions below is to be a graduate level “essay” response and must include well supported views, and critical thought. As always, opinion alone is not enough.

Each response should be at least 500-700 words each (not counting sources and references) and each response should have at least 2 different scholarly sources – properly cited in accordance with APA.

1.) How are those with mental illness in our society suffering from stigmatization? Is our cultural and societal view and understanding of mental illness shifting? Support your answer.

2.) Choose one of the following topics and discuss societal views about the associated behaviors being deviant (or not). Support your answer.


Marijuana Use

Alcohol Use

Gay Marriage

3.) Can you define the word deviance? Why is this a difficult task? Second, Choose a form of political or corporate deviance and discuss if these types of deviants are held accountable in American society. If yes, how?

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