Discussion 1 (12/16/2018)

Directions: Choose one of the four challenges that are discussed in this module – chronic illness, mental health struggles, alcohol in the family, or violence in the family. You must use material from the textbook in your post. Include chapter and page numbers and if you quote any information directly, use quotation marks and the page numbers. Using the material from the module readings and video resources, begin by discussing the aspect of this challenge you believe is most difficult for the family to deal with and why you believe this aspect is the most difficult. Explain one significant influence the family of origin has on responding to the challenge and the reasons you think the family of origin has this influence. Discuss one method that was utilized in the readings or videos that seems to be the most effective approach to use with families and explain the reason(s) you think this approach would be the most effective. Using the Internet as a resource, list one informal and one formal support resource family members could utilize to help them with this particular challenge and provide the link to this support resource.

Submission: After you post your initial post, reply to two or more of your classmates’ postings (three additional postings are needed for an “Exemplary” grade). When responding to your classmates, compare and contrast the method you chose with the method they chose. If they chose the same method as you chose, make an additional suggestion that might be effective, and if different, discuss how the approach they chose might also be effective in your case.

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