Discussion 5 (JOIN) HUMANITIES 110


Write directly in the typing field. Always title your post with the name of the program/article, so people know at a glance your focus. I might award a point for clever and relevant links, but please – no tired memes or tweets, and absolutely nothing cruel or off-color.

For your main response, choose one topic and answer at least two of the points raised in the prompt:

1) How did ancient Greek music sound?

What do we learn about Greek music from this article – its composition, its performance? How has Armand D’Angour recreated those ancient musical ideas? And how has David Creese specifically managed to reconstruct/perform the musical epitaph of Seikilos? How do you like it? And the other performance? (Think about our earlier discussion of imagined Neanderthal music, too.) Consider the Greek art images that accompany the performance. What do they, and Seikolos’ memorial epitaph, suggest about the Greek attitude towards life?

2) The Democratic Experiment

Consider our modern notion of representative democracy vs. the Greek concept of direct democracy. How are the two different, and who would share in each? What specific historical details (name at least two) does Paul Cartledge give to explain the idea’s development in Athens. What three differences with modern democracy does he identify? As young voters who have a voice in the future of your country, how do you value (or not) the origins of democracy in Classical Greece? Were you even aware of it?

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