Discussion _ Work Councils & Industrial Relations (Labor Unions)

 a paragraph for each question. 4 questions to be answered 

There are a number of sectors that have declined in union membership over the years. This can mainly be attributed to cost, better pay on non-union contracts, legal complexity, etc. There are many other reasons. For those who are currently in a union or have opted out of one, feel free to share your experience. 

1)  What are some roadblocks in dealing with work councils or trade unions in foreign markets? 

2) How do these mandated labor laws and regulations affect and impact your business decisions and management practices overseas? 

3)  What are some of the IHRM challenges in seeking to attract, recruit, select, and retain a global manager to fill a foreign post? 

4)  What strategic approaches would you embark on to develop an alliance with work councils and labor unions in a foreign market? 

Search the Internet and find a specific example to describe to your peers.

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