Discussion and Student Response

1) Review the LEARNING discussion of motivating self and others by Quinn, et al. (2015) on page 195

2) View the “This Ole Prison Blues” parody below.

3 ) Based on reading and viewing, reply to the discussion questions at the end of the parody. The parody includes a rating scale from 1 to 4. Choose the number you believe is appropriate for where you work. Post a sentence or two regarding your rating. 150+ words.

4) Post a 150+ word reply to student #one and student # two

5) Include at least one citation and reference entry with your post.

To clarify: 3 posts are needed, one as a reply to the video a second and third post as replies to two other students, all 150+ words each.

Copy and paste the questions above your reply. Do not post one long paragraph.

  1. What kind of “pain” is the parody referring to?
  2. How is a workplace like a prison?
  3. In what ways is a workplace not like a prison?
  4. Do people really “hang on” because they need the money?
  5. Organizational rating and discussion
  6. Cite and reference your post

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