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Discussion 4

Personnel Skills for Administrators/ PAD 4414

  • Discuss one workplace stereotype which has impacted you or someone you know, and how has the impact(s) influenced your behavior in the workplace.
  • Discuss what you believe could be some possible effects of diversity training.

Discussion 4:Sampling (Ch. 5)

Applied Research Methods for policy & Management

As mandated by the Constitution, the Decennial Census (Links to an external site.) is a count of the entire American population. Some social scientists have argued for putting more resources into getting a large representation sample so that census takers can secure higher rates of response from hard-to-include groups. For the 2020 Census (Links to an external site.), there also are plans to use the Internet to increase self-response rates. Do you think that the Census should shift to a probability based design? Explain why or why not?

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