Discussion (Caffeine as a Competitive Inhibitor)

Discussion (Caffeine as a Competitive Inhibitor)

During this last week’s lecture, we discussed how coffee keeps us awake by competing with adenosine for the adenosine receptor. Read the article and watch the videos above. The article discusses other reasons why individuals respond differently to caffeine, all of which involve biochemistry. Discuss your thoughts about this article, including your personal experiences with caffeine. Were you surprised by any of the factors discussed in this article? Do you disagree with any of these factors? Which of these factors do you believe explains your response to caffeine? Are there any other common food-related chemicals that we commonly consume that act as a competitive inhibitor of a normal biological process in our body?

You should contribute one (1) comment (at least 300 words) to this week’s discussion. In your post, you should provide a detailed explanation to support your views (include references, if needed). You may use the questions I asked above or discuss another aspect of the article and videos that caught your attention.

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