Discussion on a ted talk

The responses to the discussion questions should be about three paragraphs (400+ words) in total.

  • Allow about 14 minutes to listen to the video below.
  • You will provide a minimum of a total of three responses.
  • Your first response will be answering the questions below which are based upon what you learned from the case study.


  1. According to Ms. Rogers, “relevance” why has always been a challenge for advertising?”
  2. According to Ms. Rogers, why do we see so many ads that are personally irrelevant to us as consumers?
  3. What does she recommend as a solution ( to # 2 above)? Do you agree? Disagree?
  4. What do you think about hiring creatives and quants in advertising?
  5. What amazed you about this Talk?
  6. Insert your topic here.

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