Discussion paper on Asthma

Discussion paper

Hello follow instruction please to complete the discussion paper. Read the case study below, and then answer the following question as a discussion paper. APA format. I need at least 6 references, no older than 5 years old please.

Case Study

KH is a 16 y/o female who presents with a 3 week history of a dry cough and a 3 day history of exertional shortness of breath following a week of nasal congestion. On physical exam she is afebrile, tachypneic with O2 sat of 94%, diffuse bilateral wheezing and decreased breath sounds bilaterally. Past medical history and risk factors are: history of eczema, exposure to second hand smoke and cockroaches in her home.

Diagnosis is Asthma

Describe Asthma

Do you recommend a limited or an involved use of antibiotics in treatment of these diseases and other unconfirmed bacterial illnesses and why?

What are the standards regarding the use of antibiotics in pediatric population? a what assessment findings would warrant prescribing an antibiotic for Asthma symptoms?

Using national guidelines and evidence-based literature develop an Asthma Action Plan for this patient.

Do the etiology, diagnosis, and management of a child who is wheezing vary according to the child’s age? Why or why not?

Which objective of the clinical findings will guide your diagnosis? Why?

When is a chest x-ray indicated in this case?

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