Discussion wk 3 response 2

Read classmates post and respond in 100 words:

Good evening class,
To get a better idea of what the combination coding is, it is necessary to keep in mind that a combination code is a single code created and used to classify different diagnoses, diagnoses with a secondary procedure; and finally, is used to diagnose a complication that arises after a procedure or surgery.
To give an example of this definition of combination codes, I will take an example of conditions and symptoms as an example:
Atherosclerotic native coronary artery disease with unstable angina pectoris.
This is just one example of a world full of complex and variant grids as is the world of billing and coding.
Word count = 111
Carol J. Buck, Saunders. Step-by-Step Medical Coding, by Carol J. Buck, Saunders

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