Discussion#4 Issues and Practices in Human Resource Management

Week 4 Discussion:  Employee Relations, Communication, Health, Safety, & Security

 After reading the materials in Week 4, go to: http://nucor.com/Be sure and set your pop-up blocker to accept this site.Read this web page, as follows. It is not that long or time-consuming; I think you will find it enlightening.Go through these links across the top, and read the links on each one, as described, below:OverviewOur Story to read the Mission and Chapters 1 through 5Our responsibility, with 3 linksInvestor relations, information posted and other linksGovernance, information and other linksProducts & Locations, also with several linksCareer Center, with 9 links, on the leftVoice of our IndustryNow, go to OSHA’s VPP program: https://www.osha.gov/dcsp/vpp/index.html and read the information about the Voluntary Protection Program.


Based on what you have read, compare and contrast the information: What NUCOR information jumped out at you?  Do you see any kinks in its armor?  Are there any issues that concern you?How does NUCOR’s employee safety, health, & wellness programs support for the organization’s strategy, corporate values, and organizational culture?What possible HR measurements/metrics can you identify in the Safety program?



 Any time we are using a “.com” web page, it is prudent to check other sources to insure we are getting the whole picture.Cite and reference all resources.

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