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Please choose any 2 of the learning material topic videos below to view and submit 2 separate two-page written essays addressing the following questions:

· What is/are the key concept(s) from the chosen material?

· How could you apply the concept(s) in your career (I’m a business data analyst in a consulting company) or life?

Your essay must be well-written and follow the APA format (Times New Roman 12 double space) and style.

Learning materials video link below:


· The Magic of Persistence by Criss Angel  


· How to Get People to Follow You by Simon Sinek 


· Are You a Giver or a Taker? by Adam Grant  

· The Keys to Building Character by Leila Janah  



· Five Phases that can Change Your Life by Adam Braun  https://youtu.be/Z8oE2kqVXkk

· How to Unlock Genius and Uncover Your Superpower by Jim Kwik 


· Unexpected Ways to Get Ahead by Todd Yasui 


· Rules to a Less Complicated Life by Lou Holtz     


· The Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck      


· Catalyst for a Brighter Future by Jeff Hoffman https://youtu.be/QVxwDh3fCKM

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