Due Friday by 4pm

Consider the following case scenario:  Jon Q. Public High School recently experienced a school shooting. The shooter was a 17 year old male student, Jake, who had few friends and kept mostly to himself. Prior to the shooting, the student wrote a manifesto declaring that he would punish the “superior people.” The shooting happened in the school library. The shooter stood up on a table and began firing at random. Two students were killed and 6 others were injured. Several students were able to eventually disarm the student and subdue him until the police arrived. The shooter is alive and has been charged with murder and a number of other related charges.   

You are the crisis worker who has been assigned to work with the student body at Jon Q. Public High School. Using search engines, identify and discuss the crisis response model you would employ to help the student body. Your submission should be 1-2 pages in length.


1-2 page in length 10 pts

Identification  and Justification of crisis model is included. 60 pts

Supporting credible sources are provided. 20 pts

Spelling, grammar, mechanics. 10 pts

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