Due in 2 hours!!!!!!!! 1-2 paragraphs for discussion board

OL-211 – HRM – Discussion 6 – 3 Types of Connections that foster embededness

Read pp. 13–22 of the SHRM report on Retaining Talent (pp. 2–11 of the report).

Consider your current job or one you used to hold. To what extent did you experience the three types of connections that foster “embeddedness” described in the report: links, fit, and sacrifice? How did your experience influence your longevity with the organization?

Include at least one citation and reference in your initial post.




*****For this assignment, you can use any job you have had, it doesn’t matter what it is.  Read the attached document for reference purposes and then explain how you experienced “links,” “fit,” and “sacrifice.” (the definitions are in the attachment).  To complete the assignment, the last paragraph should discuss how the experiences from the first paragraph you just wrote influenced how long you stayed with that company and why.  This is a short, simple assignment.*******

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