Easy answer questions & analyze source

you are required to assess this source

Kammer, J. (2020). I’m a Liberal Who Thinks Immigration Must Be Restricted. The New York Times.

Then complete all 6 questions.

1. Name the source: Identify the author of the argument and cite or link to the source again. Decide if you want to examine that author with the steps below or examine one of the sources referenced by that author. For example, if you wrote about a Laura Ingraham clip, you could examine her or one of the sources that she cites during the clip. If you wrote about your uncle’s view on something, you could (diplomatically) describe him or review a source that he mentioned in the argument. Or, failing those options, you could choose a new author to examine entirely.

Spend a little time (10 minutes) researching the author’s education level, experience, and current employment and vested interests, if possible. This research does not have to be exhaustive; just see what is readily available online.

Specifically for Question1: Who is the author of the argument and the name of the source (if different), and what is the ‘citation’ (e.g., “Conversation with my uncle during winter break. He cited decrasing unemployment per Bureau of Labor statistics” or “Lev Parnas interviewed by Rachel Maddow on 1/22/20”)?

Complete at least one of the following R.A.V.E.N. questions for each section . For each question, answer “yes,” “no,” or “not sure” and then explain why in 1-2 sentences.

2. R = Reputation
Do they have reputation for reliability?
Are they in a position of authority?

3. A = Ability to Observe
Is the author in a position that allows access to reliable evidence?
If the article is about an event, did the author actually observe the event?

4. V = Vested Interest
Does the author have a personal stake in the topic/event?
Would the author gain anything by misleading their audience?

5. E = Expertise
Does the author have specialized knowledge on the topic or event?
Is the author considered an expert in the field?

6. N = Neutrality
Is the author neutral about the issue or is bias evident?
Is the source of the evidence neutral or bias?

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