ECOM 101 Saudi Electronic University Experience of Competitors in Business Questions


1.A shifting economic landscape is driving significant changes in the American workplace. Employment opportunities increasingly lie in jobs requiring higher-level social or analytical skills, or both. Physical or manual skills, as much in demand as social or analytical skills some three decades ago, are fading in importance. Not coincidentally, employment is rising faster in jobs calling for greater preparation, whether through education, experience or other forms of training. These changes have played out surely and steadily in recent decades. A key factor is the decline in manufacturing employment, by about a third just since 1990. Meanwhile, employment in knowledge-intensive and service-oriented sectors, such as education, health, and professional and business services, has about doubled.Underlying factors such as globalization, outsourcing of jobs and technological change are among the key forces contributing to the transformation.

2.I believe that economic, social and political forces have more influence on employee training now than in the past. The development of the economy and technology caused that physical work are less desirable and more weight is focused on qualified employees, constantly expanding and updating the resources of their knowledge. The emergence of an increasing number of companies on the market, including international ones, results competition and a greater demand for employee training. Knowledge of employees influences innovation and develop companies directly and indirectly, create new products and services, marketing plans and strategies, they are the engine of the economy. Contemporary organizations to maintain competitive position on the market characterized by increasingly greater requirements,need qualified employees. Globalization also has a big impact, which led to changes in regulations, and trade requirements. Therefore, in order to maintain their position, employees must broaden their knowledge, skills and competences so that they can keep up with the ever-changing environment, requirements and a growing economy. In addition, companies must maintain and invest in employee training programs to stand out from the competition, be more attractive to the employees, and be able to cope with the new market requirements.





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