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The teacher was clear about feedback saying there is nothing in the course about Structural Functionalism but only post- Structural been covered, so he wants me to replace Structural functionalism post- Structural in the paper that is their mistake.Topic proposal: You have to choose a contemporary global topic and write a paper proposal describing how you will analyze the topic from two theoretical perspectives. The topic proposal must include: a. a clear statement of the topic to be analyzed, demonstrating an understanding of its intricacies; b. a bibliography of no less than 10 entries, and c. a statement describing two theoretical perspectives that you will use in the analysis. The proposal must be at least two pages single-spaced not including the bibliography. Due Week 5, on Thursday, October 28th.

Final paper: You will write a paper that analyzes the topic you presented in your proposal from two theoretical perspectives. You will analyze the issue of your choice from different angles, engaging in the contrast and comparison of two theories, and exploring the real world implications of adopting different theoretical approaches. The paper must be at least 12 pages double-spaced plus a bibliography.Stuart Jeffries, “The Storm Blowing from Paradise,” https://www.versobooks.com/blogs/2791-the-storm-blowing-from-paradise-walter-benjamin-and-klee-s-angelus-novus. Last accessed January 3, 2021.

Watch “Animating Poststructuralism,” Last accessed January 3, 2021.

Michel Foucault, “The Subject and Power,” Critical Inquiry, Vol. 8, No. 4, Sumer 1982, pp. 777-795. Available through Google Scholar.please cite the answer from the reading provided from the same document

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