educational thinker brochure 504

  • Research the educational ideas and educational influences of your thinker.Create a one-page handout reflecting this information, including at least 3 examples of the thinker’s ideas and at least 3 examples of the thinker’s impact on education.
  • Information: You may include minimal biographical information about the thinker only as it relates to how life events influenced the individual’s philosophy of education.The major focus, however, should be given to the person’s EDUCATIONAL IDEAS and EDUCATIONAL IMPACT.Make a strong connection from the thinker’s theory to his or her practice.(See the provided rubric for more on how the handout will be graded.)
  • Your Name: Ensure that your name appears somewhere on the handout.
  • Sources: In fine print on the back or in the footer of the handout, insert your 3 major sources in current APA format.Use credible academic sources.Wikipedia is not acceptable.(Check the index of your textbooks to see if the authors have anything to say about your thinker.)
  • Format
    • The handout may follow whatever format you choose and may be as creative as you wish.
    • Charts, outlines, graphic organizers, conceptual maps, pictures, etc., are not required but are welcome.Some students have formatted their handouts as brochures, résumés, simulated Facebook pages, etc.
    • A simple traditional outline will suffice if that is what you choose.

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