Employers should pay full benefits to all employees.

you will produce a paper covering three aspects of the issue you choose:

1. State the problem – identify the problem as you understand it, define the terms so that we are all talking about the same thing, and explain how this is a SOCIAL problem.

2. Gather some facts – search for sources to verify the existence of the problem, find some authorities that discuss the situation, and put the data together in an argument that substantiates your claim that this is a SOCIAL problem.

3. Propose some solutions – Recount how others have tried to address the issue, discuss what has worked and not worked, and then, tell us how you would solve the problem.

YOU are the instructor on this topic. Cover it well enough to make your case that it is a Social Problem, document the facts about it, and give some time to see what has been tried. Alright, 4-5 pages should do all of that. But take what is necessary to produce something worth putting your name on. Keep documentation of sources simple – paste in websites is sufficient. Enough to allow people to verify your assertions.

A second major concern the class identified was the gap in pay among workers. This gap may occur in a number of situations:

What men earn versus what women earn

What white-color jobs pay versus blue or pink color job pay

What salaried workers earn versus what hourly workers earn

What executives earn versus what manual labors earn

What White employees earn versus what minority employees earn

For example, in 2019, average earnings for FT employed men as a group was $1,007/week; for FT employed women as a group $821 (U.S. Bureau of Labor, https://data.bls.gov/pdq/SurveyOutputServlet (Links to an external site.)).

Well that doesn’t seem fair.

Average wages for CEOs in 2019 was $193,850. That works out to about $93.20 per hour. For the top S&P 500 CEOs that jumps up to $12,300,000. Fast food workers, on the other hand, earn on average only $23,250 or $11.18 per hour. You have to fry french fries for over 8 hours to make what the CEO of McDonald’s (or Burger King, or whoever) makes just by showing ujp at work on Monday (U.S. Bureau of Labor https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes_nat.htm#00-0000 (Links to an external site.) ). Then there is the CEO of Desney who “earned” $66,000,000 this past year. That is more than 1,000 times the average pay of the Disney employee (CNN Business, https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/24/success/ceo-pay-pac… (Links to an external site.)).

Well that doesn’t seem fair!


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