Engaged Citizen Hall of Fame

 Learning Objective: Applying American Values: You apply the values studied by nominating to the Values and Service “Hall of Fame,” an individual from your personal life who, in your opinion, exemplifies them.

Throughout history, there have been women and men who exhibited exemplary behavior. We often look to famous people as role models and build statues or post plaques in their honor. Life is, however, full of often unheralded lives that have demonstrated positive values and engaged citizenship. Whether it’s Miguel Keith, an 18-year-old Hispanic Marine from Omaha who was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery in combat, or the Civil Rights leader and Nebraska Hall of Fame member, Standing Bear, or perhaps someone you know, there are many role models in society.

This week’s assignment is to nominate someone you know to the fictitious, Engaged Citizenship Hall of Fame. For this assignment, consider the values presented in the assigned reading articles from Week 1 through Week 6. Compose an appropriate tribute arguing that this person’s behavior exhibited one or more of the values examined in the course. If possible, include a photograph or some other appropriate image to represent the person you are nominating. Avoid overly hyperbolic or emotive attributes. 

Students write an essay or “primary assignment” each week on a different topic. Keep in mind:

· The 3+1 Rule is mandatory and so be sure to familiarize yourself with it.

· Organization should follow this format:

1. Introduction that summarizes what will be discussed and provides a thesis statement.

2. The body of the essay. It should be multi-paragraph. Each paragraph should discuss one aspect that supports the thesis statement.

3. Conclusion that summarizes what was discussed.

4. References in APA.

5. In-text citations are also required.

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