English Critical Thinking essay on Urban Changes

Scenario/Introduction: When we destroy our environments and have nothing left to revere (maybe because we are choosing not to), we are done in. Human ignorance and greed are hurtling us through unsettling times of war and violence, human migrations, and dwindling resources. The resulting trauma affects all sentient life forms: Nature, animals, marine life, birds, humans. Such events lead to trauma, identity distortion, loss of resources and of home. (NB: This above is NOT your prompt but simply a scenario of what is happening.)

2) You have been participating in a discussion on issues related to human life and water. Do you see now how each assignment is connected?
3) Now for interest, review this link below and read the account on migrations as one effect of such issues. Watch the photo gallery on the subject.
https://www.globalonenessproject.org/library/photo-essays/crossing-borders#photo=1 (Links to an external site.)

Your Essay Topic: In an essay explore the difficulties communities face as their water supply is contaminated with chemicals (as in the case of Dakota Access pipeline) or taken over by large companies (Nestle for instance) to control water supply through bottling of water. – Analyze long-term EFFECTS of these and what moral issues arise as a result. – Propose a solution AND a different way to think about our connection with resources.

1) This is a Problem/Solution essay. Think critically when you develop your paper on possible solutions.

2) You must use the two links provided on the Xingu and Zara people (review your Discussion) and find 3 of your own that give information about issues here. READ prompt in blue clearly and reflect on what is being asked of you.

The Xingu People

(Links to an external site.)https://www.globalonenessproject.org/library/field/big-bend-xingu-river

The Kara Women speak..

3) Remember previous Lecture Notes and different kinds of CLAIMS.

Reflect on your exigence/ warrants as you develop your paper; this should stir your values-based response.

4) In your paper, you must:
+ Introduce your idea/Clarify your thesis
What is the problem?
+ Explore the problem with examples
+ Develop your supporting ideas and sources accurately
+ Provide reasonable and effective sources
+ Develop the moral issue that arises.
Solutions if any! Think clearly about these.
+ a moral a fine conclusion on the moral issue.
Essay form
+ display understanding and use of sentence and paragraph form
+ use varied and appropriate diction to explain your ideas
+ display grammar skills as appropriate to the level of Eng. 103.
(I will be looking for these aspects in your paper. So evaluate all your information, reflect on the subject, and write carefully.)
Your essay must have in-text sources cited and Works Cited. Work with a tutor to go over writing skills; rewrite your essay and then submit it. Final draft is about 900-950 words, typed in the MLA style. Write a fine title. Use well your critical thinking skills as you are gradually developing a clear mental process.

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