ENGL(MFL) paper- character analysis/ comparison /no plagiarism, use own words

Choose one or, at the most, two tales and analyze one character in depth, or compare two
(character from Grimms’ fairy tales )You can compare two characters of the same tale, or you can compare characters
from two tales. You are encouraged to use our in-class discussions as inspiration and starting
points for your analysis. As you’re analyzing the characters, develop a clear thesis and provide
supporting evidence from the primary texts (=fairy tales).

 Be sure to provide evidence for your arguments in the forms of specific references to
the text/s you discuss. The secondary literature read thus far can be cited to assist
your argumentations; you can also argue for or against the secondary authors’
interpretations in the course of your essay.

The paper should include:

  •  An introduction with a clear question where you also give an overview of the topic.
  •  End your introduction with a clear thesis.
  •  The body of the essay that contains the supporting evidence for the point you argue (topic
    sentences, evidence, details, examples). Be as specific as possible. Use evidence as much
    as possible.
  •  A clear argument throughout the essay that helps develop your answer to the question.
  •  Strong transitions from one major section to the next, and a sense of coherence
    throughout the essay.
  •  A logical conclusion that supports the introduction. Treat this draft as if it were your final draft. The first draft must be at least 3.5 pages of text,
    double spaced, 12pt Times font (
    remember, the final draft will need to be 4-5 pages long). This
    does not include the Works Cited
    . If your first draft does not meet the length requirement, you
    can only earn up to 50% of the points for the draft (i.e., 30 points at the most)

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