Enneagram type senario questions

Jalani is 27 years old and recently graduated from an elite  Public Health Law program where she focused on civil rights law for women in 3rd world countries. She describes herself as passionate, principled, goal-oriented, rational and a bit irritable. She is highly articulate and an expert in arguing any point she sees as important and has a tendency to become impassioned about social issues and social justice in a way that makes her a powerhouse in her law program. Jalani says she feels like it’s her job in the world to crusade for justice and fight for equity for those who don’t have a voice.  She has always considered herself to be ethically minded and fair but she knows that her emotional investment and zeal can be intimidating to others (a strength she uses in her work). She is short but has broad shoulders and a strong sturdy, muscular body, with well developed legs. She was a successful track athlete in high school and college. she has a squared jaw and fierce and penetrating  yet somewhat intimidating eyes. Jalani has often found it difficult to let people into her life in an intimate way because she can come across as too opinionated, judgmental or stern. She’s idealistic, well learned and studious but her delivery is often blunt and strident which makes people feel like she’s angry and disapproving even when she’s not (and even if she is she has trouble admitting it). She’s very focused on facts and the practical application of life so she very rarely enjoys things like art, food or music or what she says are “frivolous things” partially because she’s so busy pursuing her new career as a lawyer at a non profit and partially because she says she “doesn’t see the point”. Jalani lacks rhythm and fluidity in her movements but she’s strong, physically grounded and good at taking care of practical resources. At times, when she cares to, Jalani can be very charming utilizing diplomacy, tact and a smooth professionalism to get her goals met. She has a knack for social networking, mostly because she is so knowledgeable and can be funny and self-deprecating when necessary, she’s good at adapting somewhat to get what she needs, but for the most part what you see is what you get. Jalani is typically expedient and efficient and derives a lot of joy from completing a task and doing it with detailed precision and accuracy. has difficulty relaxing and so experienced insomnia, tension headaches and has struggled with asthma throughout her life.

Lin has been pursuing Jalani for a over a year now, she is 28, curvy, with wider hips and a soft feminine frame. She has a sweet smile and big, inviting and seductive eyes. She loves to spend time making herself look beautiful and decorating her environment. Lin met Jalani during a mock trial in their litigation class and fell for her immediately. Lin is accommodating, kind, gregarious and seemingly friends with everyone, and she loves more than anything to be in a monogamous relationship with someone she’s attracted to. Lin enjoys the arts and is a great lover of music and dance. She plays 3 instruments and can spend hours dancing and singing when she should be working on her cases. She lives a relatively carefree life and likes to keep her life free from stress and conflict. However, if necessary Lin can be assertive and resolute qualities that come in handy as a women’s health advocate in the same nonprofit organization as Jalani. Lin feels like her job in the world is to bring beauty and happiness to people. Lin has recently started to think that law isn’t the right fit for her and wants to pursue a degree in midwifery.

Jalani has difficulty prioritizing spending time with Lin, and rebukes most of Lin’s efforts to get close to her. They’ve had some casual dates (and casual sex) but Jalani resists opening up and calls emotional intimacy “gross and sticky” and she has similar problems expressing herself sexually (often feeling restrained and awkward in that arena). Lin laughs it off and is patient but it’s beginning to hurt her feelings and she’s afraid she’ll have to move on if Jalani doesn’t open up. Lin’s biggest problem with Jalani is the way she becomes cold and critical and then escalates to being biting and brusque when they disagree. Lin, who isn’t afraid to express a dissenting opinion, shies away from it with Jalani because she gets “mean”. Lin also lets Jalani tell her what to do, what to eat, and what to wear sometimes because she wants to please her and because sometimes she just “doesn’t care” what she wants outside of pleasing Jalani. Jalani cares for Lin and is fearing that her inability to get close will push her away but doesn’t know how to soften or be more vulnerable, she’s never felt like love was freely given and that everything comes with a price tag.

What is Jalani’s Enneagram type (and potential wing), tritype, instinct and explain.

What is Jalani’s character structure (top 2 choices) and explain

What is Jalani’s archetype (top 2 choices)?

What can you say about Jalani’s potential chakra imbalances (overactive, underactive, balanced) and what are some things she could do to improve them?

What Enneagram type, potential type or tritype, character structure and archetype is Lin?

What could Lin do to improve her relating to Jalani and vice versa?

 What advice would you give each of them both personally and interpersonally?

Utilize the handouts and powerpoints in your analysis

~5 pages (or as long as you need to make an analysis)

Double Spaced, Times or Times New Roman font

1″ margins around page

APA or MLA format

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