Environmental Fraud

Visit the Web site of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That site includes the National Priorities List (NPL), which identifies locations where environmental damage is being corrected. For example, if a pesticide company was found to be dumping harmful chemicals into a lake, the NPL would document the case and the status of the cleanup process.

Review the NPL and choose a location that is near your area of residence. Summarize the case, and provide your analysis in the Discussion Area by the due date assigned, being sure to include the following:

  • Type of pollution in the area, the environmental fraud responsible for it, and any company or organizations involved in the fraud.
  • Threats to human health, if any, from the pollution at the site.
  • Laws related to the case.
  • How the situation was investigated by EPA or other related agencies and any criminal charges filed.
  • Status of any cleanup effort.

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