Essay about memoir (born a crime) related to success

Reminder: 1 the book i need to read is ” born a crime” please make sure you have carefully read your memoir and the other text I provided and that you have fully considered the different viewpoints and evidence.

2 please noticed that you only can use the quotes from “born a crime” when discussing the other readings, they must be paraphrases or summaries.

3 do not use the outside sources. must following the essay prompt

4.Before getting start , thinking those questions 1.You will have to choose which character(s) you want to focus on(The character I choose is Trevor Noah ). Keep in mind that it’s better to focus on one and analyze this character deeply. But, if you feel the need, you may analyze more than one.

2.What is “success” to them?

3.Did this person succeed?

4.What were the obstacles that this character face throughout the memoir?

5.What concepts help you understand why the character was able to succeed

or not?

Essay 4 at a Glance

Essay 4 is your chance to use everything we have learned this semester to write an excellent essay. Here’s your chance to show the skills you have developed in carefully reading and understanding texts and making connections among the ideas in multiple texts to discuss the message your memoir makes about success and response to adversity. This will require that you continue to choose strong specific examples from the text and explain your analytical connections to readers.

Main Goals for Essay 4

  • Focus your essay with a strong thesis statement that makes a claim about how your chosen memoir message that shows the factors that affect an individual(s) to succeed and how it helps them respond to adversity, and states the reasons for that claim (your “because” statement).
  • Provide effective and developed support for your claim by summarizing/paraphrasing the ideas from the texts we have read this semester and your memoir to analyze your memoir’s message.
  • Critically analyze the ideas in the text to make a claim about your memoir’s message, and explain this analysis to readers.
  • Create organized paragraphs that focus on one main point and divide your argument into manageable chunks for your readers

Prompt for Essay 4

For your final essay assignment, you will be analyzing your memoir through the many ideas related to success we have read this semester. Your essay should focus on making a claim about the overall message of the memoir based on what we have learned about the different ways in which people are able to succeed, how people deal with external obstacles (i.e. family, race, gender issues), and how people respond to adversity in order to succeed.

In coming up with your essay’s focus, I encourage you to think about all that you’ve learned in the texts we’ve read this semester. Your essay must use three (3) of the following sources:

  • “The Significance of Grit” by Deborah Perkins-Gough and Angela Duckworth
  • “Brainology: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn” by Carol Dweck
  • Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell Chapter 1
  • “The Threat of Stereotypes” by Joshua Aronson…
  • Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing: “The rhetorical and twenty-first century skills as well as habits of mind and experiences critical for college success.”

Remember to consider the grey areas and to think about the complexities in both your memoir and other texts, and in your essay, be sure to include:

  • Support for your argument with relevant ideas, information, and quotations from your memoir. Note: You can have quotes from your memoir, but when discussing the other readings, they must be paraphrases or summaries.


  • Show that you have carefully read your memoir and the other text this semester and that you have fully considered the different viewpoints and evidence.
  • Show you are really thinking about the topic—these are complex ideas, so don’t settle for easy answers.
  • Write so that someone who is not in our class could understand it. Assume your audience has not read any these texts.
  • Write at least 6 complete pages, typed, 12 point font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins.

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