Essay about Tesla (car) MLA FORMART!!

The study will include background information of the business, a description and analysis of its H/R practices (i.e., selection, recruitment, training, retention, etc.), the relevance of its practices, and the results for the company. The report will be 8-10 pp long (not including cover, outline, and references pages), typed, double spaced. Use, at least, five references. 

Suggested Outline for the report: (suggested number of pages in parentheses) 

§  Cover or title Page (1)
  §  Outline or Contents Page (1)
  §  Business background (1)
  §  Description and analysis of HR practices (5)
  §  Relevance of these practices for their environment or industry (2)
  §  Company results (1)
  §  List of References Page (1)

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