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The readings point out that there are many definitions of leadership, and describe several “approaches” or “theories,” among them being traits (“Great Man Theory), skills, contingency/situational, path-goal, servant, transformational, etc.

For this assignment prepare a 3-4 page paper addressing the question, “Are leaders born or made?” For what it is worth, here are some “talking points” which you may choose to consider:

​● What is leadership?

​● Is leadership a trait or a process?

​● Are there similarities between leaders?

​● Examples of “born” leaders or individuals who became leaders because of 

​  circumstances.

​● Do leaders have certain skills?  Can they be learned?

​● Is it possible to identify certain characteristics of an individual and then match 

​  them to a leadership position?

Sample criteria:  Three (3) to four (4) page paper, excluding the cover and references page.  Cite at least five academic sources from the course readings, scholarly sources from the UMUC online library, and/or weekly modules to support your analysis –   Follow APA style guidelines for the cover page, citations, and references page.  The paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins with 12

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