essay in 4 pages that connects all the movies (and what you learned from them)

Hello buddy

so as you did in the last unit buddy write 4 pages that connects all the movies (and what you learned from them)

1-The Holocaust – “Schindler’s List”* (Netflix)

Schindler’s List and Hotel Rwanda

Much debate has occurred over the Holocaust about if common people chose to ignore what was happening or were complicit. What role do individuals play in fighting crimes against humanity that are occurring in their country? Think of Paul in Rwanda and Schindler.

2-Cambodia – “The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields and The Devil Came on Horseback

What role does the press play in fighting genocide and other crimes against humanity? Does more of a light need to be put on these problems for the world to interact? Is that easier now in the age of social media and internet

3-Turkey/Armenia – “The Promise”

The genocide in Armenia is still controversial today as Turkey and many other countries do not recognize it as genocide. Why does that matter? What politics go into the use of the word genocide?

Other option: The genocide in Turkey happened during World War I, as did the Holocaust during WWII, so my question is: what role does the international community have to protect people during the outbreak of war?

4-Indonesia – “The Act of Killing”

Act of Killing

What about the politics of reconciliation and what comes after a genocide happens? How does a country move on? Can film and documentaries like this be helpful? What else needs to happen?

Hello these below what the teacher sends for us to do for this page and please make the paper positive when you write do not mention trump in any way. thank you and please read these Instructions below

Unit Paper Instructions

You have watched four movies that all have a similar topic or theme for this Unit.

You have typed up some thoughts on these four movies – the smaller papers.

You have discussed these movies on the discussion board.

Now you need to put it all together. Think

Make connections between/across all the movies. What is similar/different about them? Is there

overlap of some kind? What have you learned about the topic covered in this Unit?

Maybe you want to chew on some of the questions I posed in more detail than you did in one of

the smaller papers.

Maybe there is a specific part of a movie that you really want to discuss more.

Maybe there is a reading I assigned or a follow-up reading you found triggered something that

you want to discuss further.


At least 4 pages in length – double spaced, size 12 font

Analysis different than your smaller papers

Makes broader connections and deeper analysis

Shows critical thinking and draws on the movies watched/readings

Well written and researched – original and clear


After watching these movies about American politics, I really started to rethink certain aspects I

never knew much about…elections, the relationship between the president and congress, what

matters to me when voting for a candidate, etc..

This one part of _____ movie really reminded me of something that was said in another movie

we watched ______ or this other reading/course I have done/taken. And I made the connection

between American politics and ______ (psychology, business, etc…)

These movies all really made me think about my role in American politics and President Trump.

I talked to some of my family and friends (or whomever you watched the movies with) and it

made us reconsider the election process, or …

Do your best to make connections and reflect on what you learned/watch throughout the


here are the reading that the teacher send

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