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Essay requirements

write a thesis-driven essay that demonstrates how Neal shusterman’s novel challenger deep reveals the stigma associated with mental illness

First paragraph is a introduction it’s at least one page long, it has to give a brief intro about the book, summarize what it talks about, you have to briefly introduce the author for example he wins the NBA awards for this book and also introduce what this book has to do with his son. You can find the information in canvas under writing 1 category. the most important thing about the intro paragraph is the thesis statement. Thesis statement is the conclusion of opinions you are going to talk about throughout the essay, and keep in mind what you say in the thesis is the only things you can talk about in the following paragraph. What you didn’t say in the thesis, you can’t use it in the following essay. For example, in thesis you can say caden illustrate his mental health through, loss control, anger, isolation or this and that, what you mentioned here are the only things you can use later on. And every paragraph has to start with a topic sentence, the topic sentence is one opinion you provided in the thesis. For example if you mentioned loss control in the thesis, the first topic sentence has to start with that. For example caden illustrate his mental health through ….thesis does not have to provide 5 different opinions or reasons, you can use the same one for 2 paragraphs. For example you can use loss control for two paragraphs. The most important thing about a paragraph throughout the whole essay is each paragraph has to be at least a page long and at least two quotes from different chapters, and mark the pages you used from. The structure of a paragraph has to follow this, start with a topic sentence, then write your context, then provide at least two quotes, last write your analysis. It has to follow this structure. Topic sentence-context-quotes-analysis.

Second paragraph is the sw2 in canvas, it’s almost done but needs some corrections, please correct every single thing from the teacher’s comments and make it perfect. After that you can use it as the second paragraph. And of course one page long, topic sentence, and two quotes from different chapters, and related to your thesis

Sw3 is also done check the structure, quotes and opinions and check if it’s well related to the thesis, make it perfect and use it.

Fourth paragraph same thing, structure, quotes, opinions, related to the thesis

Fifth paragraph same thing

Sixth paragraph same thing

Conclusion paragraph has to summarize the essay, author.

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