Ethics in criminal justice paper

Analytic Essay. You need to write a ten-page analytic essay on a specific issue in criminal justice ethics. In your essay, you may follow Shaw and his model in Conspicuous and Inconspicuous Discriminations in Everyday Life(; you may use your CSUN User ID and Password to gain access to the full text at Oviatt Library).Specifically, you need to (a) dwell on a specific “criminal justice ethics” case or issue in America; (b) identify the discriminator and his or her discriminatory acts in the case; (c) pinpoint any possible victim and his or her victimization experiences in the case; (d) explore social factors and forces underlying the discrimination in the case and its escalation, alleviation, or continuation; and (e) fetch from the case some sociological knowledge and insights for general understanding.

You need to submit your analytic essay through Turnitin at our class site on Canvas before you hand in a hard copy to the instructor in person on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. An automatic five-point penalty will be applied if you hand in your essay without submission to Turnitin or if you submit your essay to Turnitin without hand-in of a hard copy to the instructor. Essays showing a similarity rate of 15% or higher will be penalized with a deduction of 1.5 or higher points. For example, an essay identified by Turnitin as having a similarity rate of 21% will automatically lose 2.1 points.Essays showing a similarity rate of 50% or higher will be subject to the double penalties provided by the class policy on plagiarism: (a) you lose all 14 points partitioned to the essay assignment; and (b) you are penalized with a deduction of another 14 points from your earned total score.

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