Ethics25 qs

Ethics25 qs


5. Referring to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pyramid, how do legal responsibilities differ from ethical responsibilities? Provide specific examples to support your distinction.  Enter your answer in the box.


6. The idea that consumers have the right to safety, right to be heard, right to choose, and right to be informed came from ____________ in ________.


7. In this example of lack of product safety, _________ waited nine years to alert its customers that their birth control product causes severe pelvic inflammatory disease that may lead to miscarriages or severe child birth defects.

 8. In a classic example of failing to protect its employees, ___________ knew asbestos caused cancer as early as 1930. However, the company lied to its employees and used several tactics to cover-up the product’s effects 


9. In this classic example of a company treating its employees responsibly, ____________ was the first company to offer company-paid vacations, stock ownership plans, employee suggestion program, and the guaranteed employment plan. This company has not laid off employees in the United States since 1948.


10. Despite a terrible disaster, __________ demonstrated its ability to act swiftly and compassionately for multiple shareholder groups affected by the chemical leak. The CEO even flew to the site one day after the incident to lend support 


11. Why did the US Sentencing Commission begin to focus on the ethical culture of the organization in 2004?


12. Weak organizational cultures are: ____


13. The “moral person” component of ethical leadership:___


14. According to the Executive Ethical Leadership Reputation Matrix, ___________ is an executive characterized as a weak “moral person” and a strong “moral manager.”


16. ___________ understand and follow the rules and policies of the organization. They also have good ethical compasses.

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