Explain fitful transition in the 3rd century to the 10th century.

. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.


  1. Why was China more successful than Rome in dealing with Steppeland invaders and migrants?
  2. How did the Byzantine Empire and the Germanic kingdoms in Western Europe both continue and break with the traditions of Rome?
  3. How did Ethiopia benefit from its position in the horn of Africa?
  4. Why were Arabs able to conquer a vast empire so quickly? In what ways was the Muslim world a cultural unity?
  5. Discuss
    why Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam became world religions. How did
    each of them deal with older religious traditions? How did the patrons
    use these religions to conquer new environments and expand their
    political influence and gain acceptance? In what parts of Eurasia had
    Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam each become dominant by 1000? Why did
    each of these religions develop differing and rival forms of belief?
  6. How did societies take advantage of new ways of managing and exploiting the environment during the late 1st Millennium? What were the effects of environmental expansion in the Islamic world?
  7. How did geography impede the diffusion of culture and crops in sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas?
  8. What influences contributed to the flourishing of South American and Mesoamerican cultures and states?

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